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Free Trial Category

How to update Parknav account information?
After signing in to your Parknav account, click on the user account icon in the top right corner and select edit profile.
When does my free trial expire?
Parknav Free trial is available for 30 days.
What is Parknav free account?
Parknav free trial allows you to sign up for a Parknav account which provides a number of Free services up to 30 days (City Portal, Mobile App, SDK, API).
My trial is about to end, what are my options for next steps?
After the trial, you can choose to upgrade your plan. Check out our Pricing page for details on plan features and pricing options or contact us at contact@parknav.com
How do I get help if I have problems signing up or signing in?
Contact my support via email and we’ll be happy to answer any questions you have.
Is it possible to extend the free trial?
If you need additional time, you can schedule a call with an Parknav sales team using the pricing page. Our Sales team have the authority to extend trials if appropriate.

Product Category Questions

How many calls can be made to the API daily?
In the Parknav Free trial, there are no limits on the daily number of API calls.
Where can I find API Documentation?
You can find all the documentation under the API section in your my Parknav account or click here.
What is your current coverage area?
We currently offer over 1000 cities between NA and EU regions for over 40 countries.
Is Parknav free trial is available in all countries?
Yes, Parknav free trial is currently available worldwide.
How do I make an API call?
Refer to out API guide regarding all the questions you may have.

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